Release Notes - 1.1

All of the Revit plugin functionality is now up-to-date with the AutoCAD plugin. This includes:

New Features:

  • Export the bill of materials for all of the distribution equipment, wiring, and conduits.
  • Add other custom equipment that is not listed under HVAC or plumbing equipment.
  • Add other custom spaces that we have not provided.
  • See varying designs being drawn as our algorithm figures out the most optimal.
  • You can now assign the phase for equipment
  • Wires are now labeled on the wire with a lookup table on the side. This yields cleaner, more readable designs.
  • You can inspect wires and change whether their input and output is top or bottom fed.
  • You can inspect components and change their names.
  • Exporting the bill of materials now includes price estimates for receptacles and wiring coming from branch panels.
  • The optimization algorithm now calculates better designs for connecting all of the panels.
  • The bus duct algorithm now does a better job grouping similar spaces to optimize power diversification.
  • Residential meters can go up to 800A.

UI Updates:


  • The UI has been updated to be more convenient and more intuitive.
  • Equipment and spaces now have their own windows that can be accessed from the respective tabs or directly from the floor builder.
  • Equipment is now added to floors similarly to spaces so repeating equipment only needs to be created once.
  • The floor builder now shows the back-of-house space and equipment count on each floor.


Bug Fixes:


  • Bus ducts are now sized correctly.
  • There's less overlapping wires in the drawing.
  • Branch panel and distribution panel schedule Excel exports now have correct circuit counts.
  • Bill of materials Excel exports now have correct circuit counts.
  • Load calculation exports now include new space types and equipment.
  • Renaming spaces doesn't remove them from the floor builder.
  • Adding floors in-between existing floors doesn't mess up the order.
  • Retail, food service, and fitness base building spaces are now added to the design and share power properly.
  • Tenant fitness centers no longer doubles the number of future panels for that space.
  • Load calculations for fire pump are now correct.
  • Saving and loading designs now works correctly and doesn't crash.
  • Additional space for Other spaces is now factored into the design.
  • Attributes synching correctly for the bus duct plugins.
  • CT panels sized correctly.
  • Equipment voltage now shows correctly in the design without unnecessary transformers showing up.
  • Equipment leading up to elevators is now sized correctly.
  • Office space calculations are now correct.