What is included with my License?

  • Access to the feedback portal
  • Personal customer support
  • Free software updates for 1 year
  • Recommended feature implementation


Is QuickElectrical compatible with my company's Revit Families?

  • Yes, QuickElectrical is compatible with all model families
  • Missing parameters will be prompted through our user interface and embedded into the model


What happens if the Architect makes a change to the model?

  • Simply click the "sync" button again. QuickElectrical will re-load the new spatial information
  • Press "place equipment" and QuickElectrical will update all the connections and elements in the model to reflect the change


Can QuickElectrical draw the Riser diagram with my company's 2D symbols?

  • QuickElectrical currently only uses our symbols to ensure that the spatial layout of diagrams is correct


How can I see the new functionality as it is added to my software?

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Does QuickElectrical work with linked Revit files?

  • Yes


Do you offer network licenses?

  • We currently only offer single user licenses, companies using more than 5 licenses are eligible for a discount, please contact support


What type of payment do you accept?

  • We accept all major credit cards


How often is QuickElectrical updated with new features and patches?

  • We push updates with new features and bug fixes at least once a month


Does QuickElectrical make my life easier?

  • Yes